Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sample Survey

What are people in Malaysia saying about the holidays?
Many people in Malaysia indicated in an online survey they would prefer to spend the holidays with Santa Claus rather than the U.S President, the Queen of England, the Pope or even Prince Charming.
The survey conducted by LG Electronics, ran from November 11th to the 23rd and asked what people want as the holiday season draws near. People across the globe participated in the survey and when posed with the question about their dream holiday, the majority of Malaysians preferred to spend it by going on a luxury cruise. Vacationing in the snowy Alps was a close second. And the number one holiday song in Malaysia? Not surprisingly, it is the best selling song of all time - "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby. That hit was followed by the ever-classic "Jingle Bells".
When asked about what is most stressful about the holiday season, Malaysians noted that limited spending money was the most pressing problem and in the following question, most indicated they would be spending $50 to $100 on holiday shopping.
For Malaysians, text messaging is the overwhelming choice for wishing people well during the holidays, along with phone calls being the second choice for reaching out to friends during the holidays.
For gifts, they would like to receive, Malaysians picked vacation packages as their favoured gifts. Getting the latest electronic gadget was the second most desired gifts.